: Not representing anything specific.
  : Non-representational.



  Initiated in 2016 as a translators co-operative, Batonic Projects are orchestrated by a flexible network of linguistic labourers, freelance artists, and other precarious workers who seek to lay foundations for more fruitful exchanges across geographic and cultural divides.

  Ongoing Batonic Projects range from A Drum Sounds Loud Be-Cause it is Empty, a multilingual journal concerned with the concept of space, Spectacular Atrophy, an itinerant series of events and documents obsessed with decay, and Sansei Banbutsu, an artist publication focussed on collaborative creative practices.





  : Something done as an action or a movement.
  : The state or quality of being active: ‘given to a worldly activity’.

台灣印刷 Printed in Taiwan
[第2期 — 2019春]

TAIPEI —— chenjingkai office
2019年2月1日 〜 2019年4月30日