: The act of displaying, offering, or presenting to public view.
  : An instance of exhibiting, to demonstrate.

意象萎縮 Spectacular Atrophy

Spectacular Atrophy (意象萎縮) is an independent publication & print exhibition which supports more fruitful exchange amongst people who engage in fringe publishing practices, starting in Taiwan and spiralling outwards...

臺灣印刷 Printed in Taiwan

Printed in Taiwan (臺灣印刷) is a printed matter exhibition which showcases the diversity and vibrance of print culture in Taiwan, featuring a seasonally rotating display of artist books, zines, and other prints all made on the island.

深夜書展 Nox Libris

Nox Libris (深夜書展) is an exhibition series that features artists who engage in print publication as an integral element of their creative work.